About the Expo

Our Mission

Promoting healthy eating, ecology and natural health!

The mission of the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert is to increase awareness about the importance of our eating habits and lifestyles in regards to our health and the environment. We host a large number of exhibitors from the fields of healthy eating, organic agriculture, ecology, cosmetics, fitness as well as therapeutic products and services.

Healthy inspirations for mind and body!


We strive to create a public event with minimum impact on the environment!

All food tastings at the various exhibitor booths and at the on-site restaurant are served using compostable containers and utensils. Our team carefully sorts the compost directly at the venue to ensure the best possible quality and it is then sent to a specialized firm.

Residual waste management:

Waste management on site by the Expo team, the exhibitors and the visitors

Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal

Bags used at the event are made of cloth or recyclable plastic

Compost sorting station directly on site

Waste management team at the end of the event during disassembly


Paper: 100 % post-consumer, made in Québec, no chlorine, from biogas energy

All administrative documents are digital

Video available in French only
Made with Kevin Espinoza and filmed at the Palais des congrès in Montréal, this video highlights our efforts to create an eco-responsible event. The quality of our residual waste management is exceptional!



In 2016 we had the pleasure of welcoming Maude Lamarche, an administration student specializing in sustainable development at the HEC in Montréal.

More than 4530 pounds (2 tons) of food tasting items were composted rather than sent to a landfill — not to mention all the cardboard, plastic and metal that was carefully sorted thanks to the participation of our team and everyone participating in the event.

Thank you to all the team and Nadia Cardin, in charge of residual waste management and Jacques Landry, coordinator of logistics and exhibitors.

Did you know that...

The transparent cups that are used for your tastings are not made of plastic but of entirely compostable PLA fiber.

Our team

Here is the team at the heart of the Expo — this festive and inspiring event that we strive to create for you year after year!

From start to finish, several other people also collaborate with the core team to create a successful large-scale event.
Our partners, our exhibitors and our visitors form a winning combination for this springtime health gathering.

Renée Frappier | President and founder

Jacques Landry | Coordinator of exhibitors and logistics

Louise Nassif | Public relations, partnerships, social networks

Jean-François Gervais | Web site

Flavie Bergeron | Instagram

Delphie Côté-Lacroix | Graphic Designer


Louise Nassif, Jacques Landry, Renée Frappier

All the Expo event photographs on the website are from the 2017 edition and have been taken by Caroline Dostie.

The Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert has been supporting the Association Manger Santé Bio from its very beginning!

Since 1985, the Association promotes healthy eating habits that are increasingly organic, veg-based, local and ethical.
Their web site and popular newsletter (French only) are appreciated references featuring information and recipes.