Championnat de Cuisine végétale de Montréal


Boulanger Artisan Bio 2017


Championnat amateur de Cuisine végétale de Montréal

2017 Theme: Ecogastronomy

Purpose of the Championship: promote local and vegetal cooking as well as encourage culinary creativity in a relaxed and jovial ambience.


Hosted by: Caroline Dumas, Chef and founder of SoupeSoup restaurants

When: 2017 March 25 – 10:45 am (presented in French)

Place: Palais des congrès de Montréal on the “Scène Culinaire” stage

The Championnat features as judges public figures that are conscious about healthy, vegetal and ecological eating.

The jury will select the winner according to established criteria that aim to promote health through original, colourful and nutritious culinary creations!

One grand prize and several other prizes will be awarded!

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Dominique Dupuis

Want to live this experience and express your talent?

To sign up for the Championship

Procedure: You have 45 minutes to whip up your recipe and present it to our judges. The jury will select a winner according to established criteria which are meant to promote healthy, tasty, original, colourful and nutritious cuisine.

Do you want to live this experience and express your talents? Email us at

 and tell us in a few lines what makes you a good candidate for this contest! Do not forget to include your vegan recipe proposal. Registration is open now to March 1st 2017 .

Three candidates will be selected from the entries received.  A grand prize and many other surprises will be attributed!

2nd edition in Quebec
Saturday 2017 March 24
11am to 4pm

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert
at the Centre des congrès


4th edition in Montreal
Saturday 2017 March 18
11am to 4pm

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert
at the Palais des congrès


Competition for the best artisan baker using certified organic products
Presented by the Meunerie Milanaise in collaboration with Aliment du Québec and Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert


The Meunerie Milanaise, in collaboration with Aliments du Québec and Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, presents the third edition of the Boulanger Artisan Bio contest.

The “Best artisan baker using organic products” contest will be back for the 20th edition of the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert.

The goal of the contest is to acknowledge and promote the talent of professional bakers that invest themselves in making quality organic baking goods using ingredients from Québec.

It is an occasion for foodies to appreciate the talent of artisan bakers and get a few tips from them!

This highly anticipated competition aims at acknowledging bakers that invest their time and talent in perpetuating the art of breadmaking using noble products. The candidates will need to surpass themselves, perfect their knowledge and familiarize themselves with new techniques so as to develop the best recipes and receive the honours!

The contest will be held in Québec City and Montréal.

Details will be revealed within a few months. Stay tuned!


Charles Létang, Boulangerie du pain…c’est tout!

Cédric Marty, Paillard

Sandra Thomassin, La Boule-Miche

Yannick Pellerin, A chacun son pain

Francois Giraudet, Le gout du plaisir inc

Sebastien Gry, Première Moisson

Jeff Dinelle, Jeff le boulanger

Jean-Pierre Oddo, Les vraies richesses

Stéphane Costes, Borderon et Fils


Simon Le Roux, La Mie Goudène

Benoit Thibault, Les Enfarinés

Matthieu Chartier, La grigne boulangerie artisanale inc

Francis Lorrain, Ma mie est chaude

Francoys Gauthier, La Petite Boulangerie

Yannick Pépin, Boulangerie Artisanale

David Deslandes, Mamie Clafoutis

Alexander Besser, Bemol&levain

Frederic Meyer, L’amour du pain

Florent Lehmann, Première Moisson Mont-Royal

Québec – Jury

Hubert Cormier,
Dt.P., Ph.D. (cand)

Yvon Renoux
Boulanger de renom et enseignant en Boulangerie à Lester B Pearson

Lionel Levac
Journaliste de l’agroalimentaire et blogueur sur le site Agro-Québec

Gabrielle Pépin
Chef responsable Comptoir santé La Serre

Montréal – Jury

Marc Simonet, 
Enseignant en boulangerie au CFP Jacques Rousseau de Longueuil et consultant, Juge en chef

Jonathan Garnier,
Chef La Guilde Culinaire

Catherine Lefebvre, 
utritionniste et auteure de Sucre, vérités et conséquences

Olivier Potier,
Chef Pâtissier

The contest for best artisan baker using certified organic products !

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During this fun trajectory through the living room, children search for the greatest adventurer of taste!

Croquarium brings enchantment to the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert by offering children and families wonderful sensory adventures! Exercise your senses and explore the venue in search of forms, odours, sounds, tastes and sensations which will awaken your inner adventurer. It’s a journey which will allow adventurers of all ages to bring a little bit of Croquarium back home…

Croquarium, an established organization in Québec, offers educative and playful activities in the field of sensory food education. It’s a road paved with fun for all, based on different aspects of food and eating, towards the well-being of children and healthy lifestyle habits. Croquarium.ca

Photos – croquarium and Aurélia Parrenin – Photorelia