Druide® laboratories celebrate their 40th birthday this year!

In 2019, Druide® Laboratories celebrate their 40th birthday! For the last 40 years thanks to our expertise we have provided our clientele with natural and ecological body care products, certified of the highest organic quality by Ecocert. The time has come to reflect upon our story, our aspirations and our projects.

The origins of Druide®

The The first Druide® products were creaded in 1979 in Racine, a village in the Quebec Appalachian region. Druide®’s vision was inspired by traditional natural treatments that respect the body and environment. Several thousand years ago, druids were very important figures within Celtic society. They used vital energy from plants to relieve members of their communities’ pains and sicknesses. We now call this ancient practice phytotherapy: the use of plants for therapeutic ends. Druide® takes inspiration from these druids’ missions; these passionate visionaries who were the first healers of Celtic times. Our products thus enclose the virtues of botanical extracts and essential oils, in order to offer a natural, organic and non-toxic alternative to body care. They are all biodegradable and not tested on animals.

The Druide® logo: the tree of life

Celtics maintained a privileged relationship with trees, not only for their beauty and longevity, but also for their capacity to heal sickness. As synonyms of life, they constituted the link between the divine and terrestrial worlds, through branches turned towards the sky and roots anchored in soil. Druids came together a the foot of old oak trees to share their knowledge.
In that light, the Druide® tree symbol was born. Like the Celtic tree of life, the Druide® tree lies on a bed of grass which grows in its presence. Our philosophy is thus to assure and maintain the health and wellness of each client, all the while preserving the environment.

ECOCRT® and BPF certifications

We are proud to have been the first North American laboratory to receive the ECOCERT® certification. ECOCERT® is an accredited independent international non-profit organization. It is recognized in over 130 countries and guarantees the quality of organic cosmetics. Druide® counts over 150 ECOCERT® certified products and is presently the company in North America with the most certified products. Since 2012, Druide® is also certified “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) by Health Canada, a non-profit organization that guarantees the consumer the highest quality of Druide® products.

France d’Amour, Druide® ambassador

Druide® is partners with the singer-songwriter France d’Amour. As a fervent protector of the environment, France d’Amour has been campaigning for years to support a healthy lifestyle for both body and environment. In 2017, she launched her line of organic wellness treatments “France d’Amour”, partnering with Druide® laboratories. This exceptional line simultaneously reflects France’s and Druide®’s convictions: to offer natural care products that are organic and fair trade, destined to preserve the health, hygiene and beauty of the body.

In order to outline our birthday all year round, Druide will offer new lines and new products from various innovators. Stay in touch with these new releases by signing up for the Druide newsletter.

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