The EXPO team strives to create a large scale public event with the least possible impact on the environment!


Green transport

Public transport
Our choice of rooms are always close to public transportation: Montreal (Place D’Armes metro station). Quebec and Sherbrooke (bus access).

Good weather, bad weather … to your pedals! Active transportation is great for your health and the environment!

For people coming from outside, consider carpooling to reduce the impacts of vehicles on the roads, split fuel costs and parking. In a nutshell, reduce pollution and meet the eco-responsibility goals of our event.

Find a carpool on:


An event with hundreds of tastings offered to visitors must minimize its impact on the environment. All transparent tasting containers for visitors are therefore made of PLA (corn starch). Do not be fooled, it looks like plastic but it is a 100% compostable material.


For many years, our exhibitors have been using exclusively 100% compostable tasting containers. We are one of the few events of this magnitude that sort waste materials on site to generate the highest quality compost possible. Everything is then sent to a specialized firm.


Recycled paper

We minimize the use of paper. All our internal and utility documents are digital. For our brochures and others, we always use 100% recycled paper, made in Quebec, without chlorine, using biogas energy.

Renewable energy